Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lesson 14: Tyler will make a great dad... or it will kill him off

What a night for poor Tyler. After a successful obedience class Max decided to cancel it all out. It all started with my doing a work out video. Max would grab his squeaky hedgehog, shove it into my leg and SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK! Even after a few leg bops to his nose while I attempted to get my groove on with my hip hop aerobics video he was relentless. I would throw the toy down the hall and he would bring it back. I took the toy away and then he would just jump up and attack me. Tyler noticed my plight from the spare room and corralled Max in the room with him while doing math homework. Several minutes of squealing pig puppy and Max was free again. Back for more hedgehog torment.

My video ended and I joined Tyler by sitting on the floor while he did his homework. We are working to get Max to stop biting by spraying him with bitter apple when he bites. So after I sat on the floor and got a nice hard chomp from Max I reached for the spray. Max knew what he had done and made a run for it. Our obedience instructor that night had just told us to not let them do this because it is like getting away with bad behavior, so I followed him into the dining room. Max was huddled between the chairs hiding like the chiWEENIE that he is. I must have scared him pretty good because while I waved my hands under the table to get him out he PEED! ARGH! TYLER HELP!

Tyler came and put Max in his crate while we cleaned the pee. After this drama, Tyler took a moment to work with Max on not biting and using the bitter apple spray. I kept my distance because I felt bad for Max, but I knew he needed to be taught not to be a bad dog.

Exhausted, Max and I went to bed. Tyler went back to his homework. An hour later I was woken up by Tyler pulling the comforter off me. Max had peed on Tyler's side of the bed (revenge pee?). A new blanket was draped over me and I was out again. 2AM rolled around and I awoke again to the sound of Tyler throwing on his shorts and jacket to take Max outside to pee. His worn out body crashed back into bed after the walk only to jerk awake a short while later to the sound of Max chewing apart my old comforter that Tyler had placed on the bed. It was now my turn to deal with pooch.... I threw him on the floor and fell back asleep.

"Did you just put him on the floor?" Tyler sleepily asked

"Yes," I answered and rolled over.

To this response Tyler stumbled out of bed yet again to pour some food for Max, set up the baby gate, and shut all doors creating a smaller area for Max to demolish. Then it was back to bed...

We made it through the rest of the night. Although, I am not sure there was much left of the night to get through. Oh, I forgot to mention that in just about 30 minute increments Max would decide to bark at absolutely nothing... or he was warning us about the murderer in the closet. Either way it was annoying. My alarm woke me up around 6AM and I took Max out for his morning walk.

Last night brought me to the conclusion.... Max is getting fixed!!! We have been holding off until the end of August but I have a long weekend off work and this is getting done. I called up the vet and they can fit him in tomorrow morning. The clouds parted and the angels sang! So tomorrow morning Max is getting "the works". He will be getting fixed, dew claws removed, hernia removed, micro chipped, and any leftover baby teeth pulled.

As a follow-up to how tired Tyler is this morning, I just talked to him on the phone and he said in his attempt to head to school he first started driving towards my parents house. After realizing this was the wrong direction he then headed toward Maple Valley... also the wrong direction.... I hope he does alright on his test today!!!

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