Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lesson 24: Grumbly Grumbly Gru -The Grumble (The Simpsons)

On your mark, get set, false start!... ok, on your mark, get set, false start! Grrrr.... Starting over time and again can get SO FRUSTRATING! Especially when it is something nobody wants to hear about... my weight, ahhhhhhhh! I just felt the universal eye roll of my family and friends who get to hear the woes and worries of my constant obsession with losing weight. It is just not healthy, but then neither are my eating habits. I am the person who will sit down to a delicious meal of garbage while simultaneously writing out a weight loss plan of action. Is this going to be one of those lifetime thorn in the flesh type of situations? So far it has been....

On to higher points: Tyler's Cub Scout meeting went great! He did a wonderful job and the boys looked like they were having tremendous fun! I like that age for little boys. They are still young enough to just have fun, be silly, and enjoy an activity. A leader even told Tyler it was an "epic" Cub meeting. Very nice!

Maxi Poo gets his stitches out tomorrow and I'm sure he is looking forward to it. Actually he has no idea because dogs don't really have a concept of today and tomorrow, but his constant itching and licking tell me he is ready to be done with this phase of his life. Today he was playing with the infamous hedgehog. A while back Max had ripped a hedgehog arm off so I sewed up the hole where the arm had been. Today Max finally broke the stitch barrier and cotton puffs were everywhere. Hedgehog had an honorable dog toy discharge into the trash. I could tell Max was upset so I let him pick a new toy from our big bag of unopened dog toys and it was "hedgehog who?"

AND Tyler let me get a sewing machine! This was brought about from my having to sew Tyler's scout badges onto his new leader shirt (thanks for your help mom!!!). It should be coming in the mail and I am really excited! Project Runway here I come! I hope Michael Kors likes canvas bags and pajama bottoms. ;)

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