Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesson 20: Self Instated Intervention

Let's take a break from Cone head updates. He will have the cone on for at least another week. I will note that Max came in to work with me and is currently sleeping on his mat next to my computer monitor.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I eat way too many sweets. The realization dawned on me when I had chocolate cake, ice cream and Lucky Charms for breakfast.

I have a problem.

I have declared a sweets free week. This was something created by my friends Carolyn, Sarah and myself back at BYU. As the name states there shall be no sweets consumed starting at whatever time (in my case noon Tuesday) until one week later, so next Tuesday at noon. It is now 8:30AM Wed... so far so good. ;)

I printed little reminder signs to hang all over the kitchen and informed Tyler of my plans. Most of the time I think he is convinced I am crazy, but he goes with it. No, he will not be taking part in my journey. It is just important to make sure other people know so that I can be held accountable.

Accountability is essential. Our kitchen contains such goodies as chocolate cake, homemade strawberry ice cream, nutrigrain bars, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cookie crisp cereal, and the occasional batch of cookies.

Wish me luck...

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