Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson 19: And so continues the saga of the cone...

Max was not having a very good day yesterday. Here is he cuddled up under the futon. He took a trip to the vet to have his bandages removed. All but one were taken off. The suture on his back paw seemed to have popped so he has a small black bandage on it. Of course with the paw stitches now exposed it means that Max has to go back into the cone of shame. He has began to so fully detest the cone that the moment we put it on him he will lie down and not move until we take it off. So, for the afternoon that is what he did.

Later that evening Tyler came home with some groceries for a surprise dinner :)

Here he is making us delicious breakfast burritos for dinner.

We decided to give Maximus a break and let him have some time out of the cone.

He did alright for a while.

Until he tried to sneak away...

Here he is hiding under a pillow trying to lick his stitches... really Max? I walked over and lifted the pillow. At this Max jumped up in alarm knowing he had been caught...

So it was back in the cone for Maxi Poo

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