Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson 15: Laundry Day is Better With a Friend

Tyler dropped Max and me off at the laundromat last night to clean the comforter (see Lesson 14 for the reason why). Having an enormous comforter costs a lot to clean! Especially when I waste four quarters on a broken dryer. While Max and I rekindled my dislike of the laundromat, Tyler made a run over to Home Depot to buy some chicken wiring for our balcony. Max will sit next to the sliding glass door staring out with longing in his eyes. Unfortunately there is a large gap at the bottom of the fencing around the balcony so Max is not currently allowed out on it. Tyler is going to fix that this weekend.

Today is Max's big day to get worked over at the vet. It was a sad day for Tyler leaving him there this morning. I will go in tomorrow morning to pick him up. My poor little Batsey!

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