Monday, August 29, 2011

Lesson 26: Lessons on sewing, needles, puppies and sugar

This weekend my sewing machine came in the mail :) Tyler helped me get some supplies from the store and I sewed a messenger bag. I would not say that I am an excellent sewer but I can definitely thread my machine...

One of the many things I learned from my Brother Sewing Machine owners manual is that there are about 50 different ways that you can break the needle. Using the wrong brand of bobbin will break it and threading either the top or bottom thread incorrectly can break it. Also using the incorrect presser foot or throat plate will do the trick. Don't even think about using the wrong needle for your machine. What's that you say? You are you using too though of material for you needle? Well, ya broke it! Yeesh! This, of course, had me on edge all evening while sewing to not do ANYTHING contrary to what the book told me to do. At one point Tyler offered to help. After suggesting a short cut to my step-by-step process, I informed Tyler is it imperative that I do it the slow way re-reading steps two or three times. And at this Tyler said alright... never mind and went back to his movie hahaha.

Maxi Poo is cone free! We celebrated with three baths, fetch, and Tyler and I are now back to sleeping in our bed! It is glorious! And tonight is graduation day for Max! He will have to show off his play dead skills that we have been working with him on.

Last night Max went crazy at our friend's birthday party. One of the children dropped their roasted marshmallow on the ground to Max's delight. It was a gooey mess that I only increased by trying to pull it from his mouth. Another dropped marshmallow later and I decided to keep a closer eye on our little terror. Yet 15 minutes later I looked over to see Max lunge for a piece of cake a child had left on their chair. Leaping into action I took off running after Max. This dog does not get table scraps EVER at home. He must have felt like he won some sort of golden ticket. He took off at a sprint while simultaneously snarffing the piece of cake that could not have been much smaller than his head. In the end he had won his prize leaving only small chunks of chocolate in his wake. From then on out he was a hyped up sugar rush mess. He was growling, leaping, rolling around, it was like one of those crazy weasels at the end of a rope. He has just been exhausted today. The ironic thing is that only the day before I had discussed with Tyler how we need to be better about keeping Max under control when we visit friends and family... fail.

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