Friday, May 25, 2012

Lesson 114: Dog Park 2.0

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Tyler and I kicked off our mini vacation with a trip to the dog park. I love this park. It is HUGE! and really well kept up.

Max chasing his tennis ball.
 Ruby running. Tyler says she looks like a squirrel.
 You can kind of see in this picture Ruby's running method. She is so top heavy her back legs fly up in the air when she runs.
 Meet Duff. He was more than happy to play with Max and Ruby's tennis ball.
 Luckily for Ruby he tired out pretty quickly.
 This is one of my favorite shots of the day. Max the flying chiweenie.

 It was a hot sunny day but off in the distance we could see a storm coming on.
 Ruby the hot tater tot
 Max made friends with a pit bull/mastiff and a Samoyed. The white dog looked so much like a little teddy bear :)
 Max does not mind running with the big dogs. Ruby spent most of this time hanging close to Tyler.
 Can you spot Max?
 There he is cooling off in the shade

There is also a playground. Most, if not all, of these structures were made by girl scouts!

 Max has a future in agility
 Ruby on the other hand is still a little afraid

 Max and Ruby venturing off into some side trails.

 Tyler trying to get Ruby to sit...
 Tyler making Ruby sit. She is not a fan of being told to sit.

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