Friday, May 4, 2012

Lesson 111: Heavenly Father Answers Prayers... and take whatever you get

From Divine inspiration I thought it would be a good idea to perhaps pray for help with trimming Ruby's nails (see Lesson 109). Even if something seems like a small matter, if it is important to us then it is important to Him. I have been praying please help Tyler and me to figure out how we can trim Ruby's nails!!

This morning I picked Ruby up and clipped 2 nails and gave her a treat... then she wigged out. A short while later I was able to trim one more nail before her melt down. :) It is a small victory and I most certainly will celebrate!

Last night Tyler downloaded an app that is called the ugly tester or something close to that name. You take your picture and it says how ugly... or attractive you are. Tyler and I both received crying pigs, which I suppose means we are unattractive. We then took a picture of Ruby who was awarded cool pigs. Once again I have not idea what this means but the assumption is that she is good looking. I can't say I disagree, just look at this face....

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