Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lesson 110: Step 2...You just ate a tub of ice cream, how do you feel about that?

Today marks my third day of Step 2 in the Sugar Addicts Guide to Total Recovery. You will remember step one was making sure to eat protein for breakfast everyday. I can proudly say I have been able to accomplish this task successfully so far. Step 2 is journaling everything you eat.

As a veteran of weight watchers I have quite a bit of experience meticulously weighing and measuring each bite, lick and sip. While on the WW program this worked fantastically.... now, a couple years later the idea of not being able to just eat when and what I want frankly annoys the heck out of me. Leave me alone points tracker! You don't know me! I even considered hanging out on step one for a few more days to avoid progressing on to step 2. 

Remembering that I have made a commitment to give this 7 step method to recovery my full force effort I began logging. It is not too bad. For this program I don't have to count calories and measurements. I am simply writing everything down, how I feel physically, and how I feel emotionally, pretty simple. What I have learned so far is that a piece of paper does not judge you. There is no point in lying to a piece of paper about what I ate for dinner because in all honesty the paper just does not care. Neither does the pen I am using to write down my diet. And they don't talk to each other when your back is turned about how dang girl, she really should not have had that brownie. :)

Unfortunately I still can not really tell if anything has changed as far as my sugar cravings and moodiness because Tyler and I have been sick with the dreaded head cold for the past 3 days. It is amazing how something as simple as a runny nose and sore throat can cause a full grown adult to curl in a ball with the dogs and have absolutely no desire to move ever again.

I believe tomorrow will begin the journey on to step 3... Protein with every meal bum bum bummmm


  1. I usually feel pretty good after eating a whole tub of ice cream. The part where I feel bad is at the grocery store because I know whatever I get will most likely be gone the next day.

  2. That was me. Apparently my sister was logged into my Google account.