Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lesson 47: Happy Halloweener :)

This weekend spending time with Tyler and Max... Max loves kisses

He was pooped from a long walk in the morning

We decided to decorate for Halloween and this being our first Halloween married we didn't have any decorations. Tyler tried on some funny masks while we were shopping. Here he is as... some sort of scary pumpkin man. Nothing is scarier than a half man half gourd.

I take that back... there ARE some things scarier than pumpkin head.

Tyler makes friends everywhere he goes.

We decorated the apartment and lit all the candles

Those two pumpkins are the trick or treat pales I grew up using. When I was little I used the little pumpkin and when I was older I had to get a bigger pumpkin... naturally.

We hung a couple spider webs that look awesome. The other spiderweb is in the main entryway. I can walk under it but Tyler will be spending 3 weeks ducking when he walks around. We also bought a black light bulb which is lame, some skeleton straws and cupcake holder things.


  1. Love the apartment! Thanks again for letting us come over. Sorry about the mess.

  2. Why hang up fake spider webs? Just let those web-happy spiders from the porch into your living room. You'll have Halloween decor up in no time!

  3. Thanks Sydnee, we had a lot of fun with you and the babies!:D ----- And that sounds like a great idea Jenae, oh wait, no I meant that sounds like a horrible idea hahaha