Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ted Goes to the Beach

Ted went to the ocean at Christmas time but I don't count that because he never got out of his stroller. So here is his official first time at the beach. The pictures are out of order. 

At first Ted loved it. 

As you can see Ted tasted quite a bit of sand. 

Then Ted hated it. Hahaha I love this picture so much. We took him to the water and at this point he is cold, tired, and hungry. 

We changed Ted back into his warm dry clothes and everything was all better.

Grandma and Grampa Mann

The reason we vacation where we do is because my grandma lives by the beach. I didn't get any pictures of her this time around. :( but here is Ted riding Max the horse at her house.

Later we went for a walk. Wagons are very hard to nap in.

Oh my goodness there were so many birds at the beach the second day. 

Tyler and the dogs ventured out. Ruby went crazy trying to get them. I'm pretty sure the pelicans could have fit her in their mouth. 

Because of the crazy birds we went for a walk. It was pretty hot to the royal pug got to ride in the wagon. We tried to let Max in the wagon too but he preferred to walk. Ruby on the other hand looked like she was meant to always be rolled around in her regal caravan.

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  1. that pouty face is adorable! and those birds? out of control!