Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Long Weekend and the answer to the question of whether we have any plans this summer

What a long weekend it has been! And it is not over. It seems every time summer roles around the inevitable question pops up of whether our family has any plan for the summer. Since we are not jet setting world travelers I usually just say, nope.  As I thought about this question over the past weekend I realized we have TONS of things going on this summer. Nothing we do will be huge, but we have lots of fun little activities. 

Therefore, the next time someone asks me if we have any plans this summer I will answer oh yes indeed we do. In fact, every weekend from here to August is booked up. :) 

Here is the result of a Friday well spent. We went to breakfast with family, did some shopping to pick up supplies for the baby shower I was throwing and the youth dance Tyler had to provide refreshments for, went garage sale-ing and ended with a family dinner. 

Saturday was even more full. My mom drove out and we all road our bikes to watch the parade. Like all good babies, Ted LOVED his balloon. He was also a pro at picking up the candy that was thrown out by the people in the parade. Three people thought he was a girl.... I blame the blond curls and big blue eyes.  

After the parade we made yet another trip to Costco. I love living so close to the megastore but on the flip side I also feel like I live there. I needed some more food for my party and Tyler needed to buy the frozen items for the dance. 

Elspeth made the baby shower decorations and she did a fantastic job!!! She stayed with the teal/lime green/monkey/polka dot theme very nicely.  I really with she would make an Etsy shop or something because she is so great at it. I think she needs some encouragement or a cheer leader to give her the confidence to give it a try. 

To avoid anymore mistakes of Ted's gender we had him wear his camo hat the rest of the day ;)

Here is Ted in the bunny barn meeting Teddy the prize guinea pig. I really want a bunny now. We got to pet a mini rex rabbit and it was sooooo soft! My first thought was I NEED A BUNNY, Tyler's first thought was, Imagine a blanket made out of that fur! 

Thanks a lot Cruella DeVil. 
Ted and Tyler at the fair.  
We gave Ted a chance to stretch his legs in the field by the band stand and he could not resist the chance to get his groove on. 
Ted and me at the fair.  
Ted in front of the band.  
When Elspeth came over with the decorations she also brought some garage sale toys for Ted. One thing was a child size camping chair. After we got home from the fair I looked over and saw Ted enjoying his chair. 

On the way home from the fair, Tyler stopped and bought a Happy Meal. The toy was a MarioKart visor. 

"Ima Mario" 
Tyler and I also bought Ted garage sale toys over the weekend.... I justify these toys because I run a daycare... 

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