Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day

A couple weeks ago Ted and I went garage sale-ing with Elspeth. I got a lot of great stuff and only spent $4 total :) One of the things I picked up was a bag of new bath toys for Ted. There were foam letters that can stick to the side of the tub when wet. I had some fun. 

Happy Independence Day! Soooo tired. We had a really long day. I bought a bike trailer for Ted off Craigslist and we tested it out with two long bike rides. We also went to the Enumclaw parade per tradition and ended the day with dinner at Tyler's brother's house.  We walked over to their house so we walked home before the super crazy fireworks began. This was my second year not watching any fireworks... I don't really miss them... at all... Well, I certainly can't miss them when it sounds like World War III outside my house. We have CRAZY neighbors. 

Here is Ted and Tyler after a long day of celebrating our independence. 
Ted in his Winnie the Pooh helmet.  
Hanging out at the parade.  

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  1. that top picture of ted in the bath is SO cute!