Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Heat

It is so hot here! And it is only going to get hotter apparently. Blah! We attempt to keep cool by having 6-8 fans on in the house at all times. 

Ted knocked out all the mats and climbed into the lower part of this table, so I took a picture... 
My mom bought Ted this cute castle tent from Ikea. He loves it. Inside you can see a stuffed alligator chair we picked up at a garage sale. Going to garage sales is a lot more fun when shopping for a kid.  
We went to a birthday party for Ted's friend Bennett. It was super hero theme. Ted and Tyler are twins :)  
I am FINALLY licensed to do daycare and here is the proof. :)  
Ted out for a stroll in the summer heat.  

Tyler and I are working out way through the entire series of 7th Heaven which is on Amazon Prime. Ted loves the theme song and dances to it every time. 

Ted modeling his first pair of Nordstrom shoes purchased by grammy bear! They are no longer giving out Nordys :( But he did get a balloon.  

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