Monday, July 29, 2013

Lesson 187: It's a big world baby and you're little for a little while

I am officially one of THOSE moms. The moms who post a bunch of pictures of their baby. He is just so cute though :) Plus he won't be my little snugly baby forever. It is so cute when he smiles. 
Ted loves his friend's Max and Ruby. I tried taking pictures of Ted with the dogs but he kept flopping over.  
As you can see here... but he kept on smiling.  

I love this picture. Ted looks like he is thinking, What are you lookin' at?  
Ruby let her jealousy pug rule this past weekend. She was super clingy, tried to push Ted out of the way so she could sit on my lap, and then I saw her have a seat in Ted's chair. 
Poor Ruby Kinkaroo, we still love you! 

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