Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lesson 178: Being a mom takes guts

Ted had his first trip to Seattle, complete with a visit to Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, and a ride on the monorail. He slept through most of it.
After a day of walking around, Ted woke up pretty hungry. We were still a ways from our car and walking around the large Columbia clothing store downtown. My sister Miranda is visiting and she suggested I ask if it is alright to feed Ted in a dressing room. She has two kids so she is beyond being embarrassed by breastfeeding. I still cringe at the thought that people know how I feed my baby....
So Miranda took the lead and asked a male sales associate about feeding Ted. The guy looked at her like she was crazy and said he had to ask a manager. Luckily the manager he asked was a girl and she said it was alright. Hence the title of this post that it takes guts to be a mom.
Here is Ted ready to go on his outing.
Tyler and me on the monorail. My sister is the person behind us holding up the rabbit ears.  
Ted with his monorail ticket.  

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