Monday, July 22, 2013

Lesson 184: A parade, a party, and a roll

Tyler, Ted and I went to a parade. It was great because we live close enough to walk. Ted stayed awake for the entire parade which was awesome. I don't know how much he got out of it because I think he still doesn't really have long distance eyesight. It was still cute :) 

 He is actually awake in this picture I think he was squinting from the bright overcast day in Washington. 

 Every group that walked in the parade gave out TONS of candy. I felt like it was Halloween. We came home with a huge bowl. This is another reason (one of the many) that it is awesome to have a stroller on hand. 
 We also celebrated my dad's birthday. Elspeth made the cute little banner on the cake. 

 I have no idea how old kids are when they learn to roll over but Ted was giving his best shot at it. My mom said he rolled over twice for her one day so we were trying to recreate it for the camera. 
 We got a half-roll out of him which was still pretty impressive. 
ANNNND Introducing my favorite picture of Ted (so far). Looking at this picture makes me happy/laugh :)

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