Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lesson 148: "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell

With having just ended such an incredible read, I had to share my find with the world. In reality, this book was not truly a "find" for me. A few years ago a Sunday school teacher used a story from "Outliers", in his lesson. This was what drew my attention when I saw the book title listed in the online library system.

***Did you know you can check books out for free on your kindle? Of course you did, I am the only person on the planer who took an entire year to figure this fact out.***

This is the point of the book though. Just as I would never have thought twice about reading a book called "Outliers" if I had not attended this particular Sunday school class, no man (or woman) reaches success by shear determination and genius alone. It is the combined efforts of ethnic background, personal heritage, parenting style, and just plain dumb luck of the birthday, that determine all the opportunities (or perhaps disadvantages) awaiting life. I found this to be such a fascinating book I think everyone should read it, if only for the fact we could then discuss it. I am quite positive Tyler gets tired of my endless recitations of interesting facts I learned from Mr. Gladwell.

At this point I would also like to give a shout out to my 12th grade social sciences teacher Mr. Marshall. There were a few stories in the book that I can remember him relating to the class that I found so interesting... even the second time around. I won't relate every story from the book. There are no spoiler alerts here. I will just end by stating this book draws the reader in from beginning to end. No person can read "Outliers" without coming away with a new outlook on success and our role with it.

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