Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lesson 150: Not even the first snow can tame Ruby

Letting Ruby out into the backyard is quite possibly the most stressful experience of the day. She is nuts! When she senses someone walking towards the sliding glass door she will burst into fits of screeching "barks". I am not sure you can even call it barking. Ruby then performs galloping loops around the room occasionally slamming the door with her front paws until you release her into the wild.

Here is the twist.... you open the door and she won't leave! She will jump onto the patio, jump back into the house, jump onto the patio, and once again back into the house never slowing down long enough to be caught. Throughout this experience the yelps never stop! As I write about this I can't help but laugh because it is pretty funny. It is like living with a crazy lady who delights in yelling for no reason. It is just so important that you hear what she has to say.

Tyler and I have a joke that nobody can OWN Ruby. She simply allows us to live with her.

Ruby offering turn down service.
This is just a funny picture of Max putting up with me :)
And here is the morning of our first snow. As you can see Max was not made for cold.

This picture does not fully capture Ruby in all her madam barks-a-lot glory.
Ruby staying fit with her morning laps about the yard.

Ruby barking at me. She is a very passionate pug.
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