Monday, December 17, 2012

Lesson 149: How is pug like a baby?

My dogs have been incredibly lucky as of late. A few changes in living arrangements and I am now in charge of letting my parent's dogs out to potty on my lunch break. This means that I get to cart my own dogs with me to Enumclaw everyday and drop them off at my parent's house. They love it. I feel the experience must be the dog equivalent of taking children to daycare. Each day I pack their leashes, a snack, their crate and we are on our way.  

Today, like all days, the dogs were let out for their run about the yard. After letting them back in the house I ate my lunch and sat down to watch a show. The rough housing between Max and Ruby began to escalate at which point I decided to intervene. Ruby is a creature familiar to the art of dodging. She knows that by standing on the opposite side of any large object I am helpless to the endless back and forth of I go left, Ruby goes left, I go right, Ruby goes right. This went on for about ten minutes. At one point Ruby was cornered. I began my decent on the cowering pug and reached out to snatch her up. Then came the awful realization that she was PEEING! Argh! Clamping onto her little body I quickly whipped her, and consequently her free flying pee, up into the air. Pee all down my pant leg. Pee all over my mom's fancy white carpet. It was one of those moments when you think to yourself, "maybe it would have been better to just let her pee..."

How is a pug like a baby? In my bank of things to remember for when the baby comes I will note to keep an extra pair of clothes for myself in the car for just such an occasion.

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