Tuesday, June 23, 2015

California Here We Come!

 We are getting so close to living in California it is crazy! Tyler and I were able to take a trip down there to find a place to live and to enjoy celebrating our 4 year anniversary! It was beautiful weather and lots of relaxation. 

Here is a view from the outside of our hotel in Long Beach. 

Tyler hanging out outside the hotel room in the sun and sand.  

We didn't want to do all the amusement parks this time around. For one, I am pregnant so I could not go on any rides and secondly we wanted to wait until Ted could go on everything. We figured since we will be living less than 30 min from Anaheim we will make time later. 

We got a great tip from Tyler's friend to check out Downtown Disney. It is right outside the park and is free with free parking. It was a lot of fun.  

There was a Lego store we checked out. This wall is all Legos.  
Lego Hulk 

There was also a store where you could make your own race car. Tyler has been wanting a remote control race car forever so this was a pretty cool experience. We told Ted he can make one too when he goes down.  

New shades for California Tyler :)  

We finally made our way to Huntington Beach which is 3 miles from where we will be living. I can't believe this is where we will call home! So crazy!  

I also made sure we checked out "dog beach" 

We went to the aquarium. It was fun. I hate this picture of me but since it is like the only one of me I figured I should include it. 

And just some pics of Ted that I took when we got home because he is cute and he is growing up so much!!!  

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