Sunday, June 7, 2015

20th Annual Pug Gala!

This past Saturday the family went to the annual PUG GALA! I have been going to this since I was around 15 years old. It is pretty awesome :) This year was extra special because not only was it the 20th annual Pug Gala but I was the official videographer for the event. Below is the link to the finished video. Check it out! 

I was nervous making the video because I wanted to do a really good job and I am still in the amateur phase of making videos, but I had so much fun.

I watched a motivational/training video from a professional photographer and she recommended finding 3 words that describe your style. This will help when you are making your film to know what direction to take it in. I chose the words Quirky, Uplifting, and Cute. (I would also add fast paced).

Tyler and Ted were troopers throughout the entire day because we had to get there before it started and stay until the end.

The gala has a silent auction and a live auction. Last year my mom got me a really cute pug plate during the live auction. It is a fancy one to hang on the wall. This year the silent auction had another really cute pug plate that would match my plate from last year perfectly. I put in a bid and when I went back to check on it a teenage boy was trying to outbid everyone.

As I wrote down a 2nd bid for myself he said, "I can see you really want this plate so I will let you have it."

I went back to sit with Tyler and realized the kid was probably playing me. I mentioned this to Tyler. With 2 minutes to spare until the end of the auction Tyler went over to check out the bids. Apparently he snatched the bidding pencil, put down a last minute big while the boy lurked nearby, and was able to win the pug plate for me!

It is talents like winning auctions that don't come up during dating but are sure awesome :)

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