Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ted Makes BROWNIES! Yum!

This week Ted made some chocolate and peanut butter brownies. They were so good and actually kind of healthy. I can't say they were super healthy, because it is still chocolate and peanut butter :) But they do not have any oil, butter, flour and not too much sugar. They are mostly sweetened with honey and applesauce. Plus they stay super moist for even longer than normal brownies. 

I LOVE making "Ted Makes" videos with my little buddy. I think Ted's favorite videos to make are the ones with food in them. He gets so excited when I am setting up his work station. I feel like I am his crew and he is the talent... which is actually pretty accurate. 

One of my favorite parts in this video is Ted's nonstop munching of the chocolate chips. I had to ask him SEVERAL times to stop eating the chocolate chips and just dump them into the bowl. How could any mom believe she can give a 2 year old a bowl of chocolate chips and not have them just sit back and eat them? :) 

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On another note, we are one step closer to California! We listed our house on the market and received offers the first day! I feel truly blessed with how smoothly everything has been going. Yesterday was the home inspection and many prayers have gone up that there were no glaring things that need to be fixed. 

We will be living with my parents until the official trek down south. It is going to be an adventure that is for sure! 

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