Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lesson 196: A baby boy needs a ball cap

My mom helped me take pictures of Ted in a ball cap with a mini watermelon. All that is missing is some overalls :) The hat belonged to my older sister from when she was a baby. I have yet to find a baby cap for Ted. Why would those not be for sale everywhere? They are adorable. Also my mom brought home some mini watermelons from her trip. I can't handle the last picture. He is just so dang happy. :) How did such a moody person like me get such a happy baby? He must take after Tyler. 


  1. That is weird you can't find baby hats. Coops had a couple of them when he was teds size....have you checked old navy?

  2. Yep I haved looked at Old Navy twice, Carters, the place where we got the above pictured romper (I can't remember the name), and some other places.