Monday, September 23, 2013

Lesson 202: Ted takes up 98% of the picture memory space on my phone

We went to Costco this weekend so OF COURSE we had to look to see if there were any new Carters clothes. They had a soccer set and since Tyler likes soccer and the onesie that comes with it says "kickin' it with daddy" I bought it. 
Soccer bum. Notice the matching socks. I feel like I put more effort into making sure Ted coordinates than I do myself.  
My mom bought Ted a new toy. This is a terrible photo but you can get the point. It is a lady bug that does everything under the sun (except make any obnoxious electronic noises). It crinkles, rattles, squeaks, it has a teething thing, a ring with little rings on it, it has a mirror, and more. Ted loves it and as you can see, so do the DOGS! Max is sniffing it but he knows better than to take the toy or he would be in deep doggie doo doo. 

Furry zebra cloth diaper. Rarrrrrr! (or whatever noise a zebra makes I suppose)  
Ted hates tummy time 
Me and Ted :) Look at Ted sticking his tongue out at his reflection.  

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