Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whitney's Awesome Trend Report

I have indeed taken pics of my dogs but I have not had the chance to post these pictures. Life has been filling up with Max's new advanced obedience class, work and now my business as a Mary Kay Consultant. I'm really excited for the first and last things on my list.... work is still work ;) Here is a link to a Mary Kay Beauty Trend Magazine. It is interesting, kind of like what you would read in People about hot trends for the summer.

Speaking of hot trends here are some of my new favs:

I am not super crazy about the life choices of Miley Cyrus but I can completely back her high bun :)

P.S. I also have a baby blue beach cruiser with a basket and a bell with a picture of a cow that reads Mooove

It may be a little difficult to see in this picture but I love color blocking with eye shadow. My most recent love is a deep purple with a deep blue.

Mary Kay Sweet Plum

Mary Kay Midnight Star

Mary Kay Peacock Blue
I love Kristen Stewart's long and glam eye lashes in this photo. Normally on myself I prefer full lashes over lengthy, but recently I have been decidedly converted :)

An easy way to acheive this look is by using MK eye lash primer which will help to create lash length and volume while improving mascara wear. Next you will want to definately try out MK Lash lengthening mascara to nourish, strengthen and give you beautiful lashes.

Mary Kay NEW! Lash Primer

Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara

Oh yeah and how awesome are the Spice Girls STILL!

And DON'T FORGET your most important fashion accesory!

Yes, of course I meant the PUG :) Were you thinking I was referring to the purse? so silly....

Celebrity photos came from and Mary Kay Product photos came from

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