Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lesson 121: Tyler's B-day and our 1 year anniversary!!!

We have been married for a year now! Wahoo! It is pretty exciting. It is even more exciting to think about life one year ago and our lives now, and of course Tyler completely kicked my tush in the celebration department. For his birthday we went to the movies and I got his some "How I Met Your Mother" themed gifts.

For our anniversary Tyler surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers, "How I Met Your Mother" seasons (we are kind of obsessed right now), a gift card to Nordstrom (bwa ha ha) and some weight loss stuff that I was on the fence about getting. He is just super amazing. And a cutie so that is good too. :)

Here are some pics from Tyler's birthday. We started with a pancake breakfast. You can see the pineapple which went with the HIMYM theme.

And then we did some driving around (and by some I mean A LOT). We went and saw "Snow White and the Huntsman". Awwww :)  (I am saying aww to Tyler's pic not to the movie)
 Here is the giant bouquet Tyler got for me. I love it so much I wish I would have brought it into work with me.

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