Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lesson 119: Another day another dog rescue

Dogs have been causing me so much stress lately and I am not just referring to Max and Ruby reclaiming their spots in our bed at night. We found yet another dog out in the world alone last night. It just kills me thinking about these poor pups and how I can't take them all in.

On our way to a family birthday party we came across a dog running back and forth a busy highway. Tyler pulled over and with the help of another lady who pulled over her SUV and a young man who had been skateboarding by, we set to work wrangling the collarless pooch. Even a girl in the nearby coffee stand offered up some treats to lure in the dog. A neighbor was outside and we asked if he had a dog leash we could borrow. It took a while but we finally calmed the dog down and loaded him into the lady's car. She wanted badly to keep him but already has 3 dogs. Tyler also wanted to keep him but I reminded him that we also already have 2 dogs. So stressful.... :( The lady said that if her husband said they can't keep the dog then she would take him to the shelter. We exchanged phone numbers....

Tyler got a pic of the dog on his phone but he does not have pic messaging. He looked almost like a rottweiler/pit bull mix, all black and short with a super sweet personality.

Oh, and last night we posted fliers about the pit bull and chihuhua that came to our home last weekend. In total we walked those two dogs around looking for the owner twice, took them to the shelter, posted 2 ads on Craiglist, posted a message on Facebook, and hung fliers. There is nothing more I can do but just hope and pray they either find their owners or a good home takes them in.

Like I said, so stressed.

I guess he kind of looked like this but no brown and dirty

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