Monday, June 4, 2012

Lesson 118: Is this your dog? Not anymore.

Yesterday Tyler and I were watching an episode of "Big Bang Theory" where Sheldon overcomes his fear of birds and in fact wants to make a stray bird that showed up at his window his own pet. His friend suggests they put up signs to find the owner to which Sheldon responds they can put up a sign with the bird's picture and write, "Is this your bird? Not anymore." :)

Tyler and I had a dog adventure this past weekend when two pups showed up at our home at 11PM. Animals must know ours is an animal friendly environment. It was a pit bull and a chihuahua who were friends. Fortunately the pit had a licence. UNfortunately the info associated with the licence is a non-working number. In summation we walked the dogs all around our neighborhood that night and the next day in an attempt to find anyone looking for their super friendly dogs. We let them have a sleep over with us. Then we took them to the shelter to see about finding the owner. It was a very sad parting. :( I hope they are alright. And of course we are going to call in a couple days to see how they are doing.

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