Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lesson 9: Pop Goes the Puppy

How can anyone not feel like they are just slowly killing their dog when they "pop" a dog's collar? To "pop" a dog's collar means to give a nice sharp snap of the leash, jerking the dog towards you and most likely away from something else. If Maximus was an eighty pound pit bull this would be nothing. Since he is a 14 pound chiweenie I feel pangs of guilt as his poor little body is yanked, jerked, and "popped" into submission. The odd fact is that he does not seem to be phased by any of it. No matter how many pop the leash, say good boy, pop the leash, say good boy, pop the leash... are you even listening to me? Of course the reason Max is being popped is because this week we are working on "Let's go." Essentially it is teaching the dog to walk right next to you without pulling on the leash.

Our obedience instructor suggested we introduce distractions when the dog becomes proficient in his new task. Introduce? The real challenge is ELIMINATING them. Max's mind must be going 100 miles a minute switching from one thing to another. I can just imagine the thoughts running through his head... is that a leaf? that's a blue car! my ear itches, did my tail just touch my ear? CHOMP, CHOMP, I have to potty, noise?

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