Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lesson 11: Street Fairs... the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last weekend was the Enumclaw Street fair and it was AWESOME! Tyler found some doggles for Max. I chickened out and did not buy them. However, I did buy him a seatbelt harness so he does not fly out the window when I roll my car. (Just one of the many gems I have learned in dog obedience class). We also bought 6 bags of scone mix, puppy shampoo and cleansing spray, instant salsa seasoning and a deep fried Twinkie. Nothing can be so convincing as a street fair on a sunny summer day to spend $4 on something as truly horrendous as a deep fried Twinkie.

Tyler and I have such different ideas of what a street fair experience translates into. For Tyler it is a time to try out the carney games, eat food, and speed walk ;). My interpretation is perusing every vendor, listening to endless spiels about how it is an atrocity that I have lived this long without a mini Tupperware cake cover, purse that can change its outer shell, vitamin infused water or the new improved stoneware. Now with handles! I do the walk around, think about what I liked and then attempt to convince Tyler that yes it is necessary we purchase a handmade $45 Swarovski bead Mickey ornament. It is important to support local vendors.

Don't worry, not even the haze of a purchase frenzy day can convince me to spend that much on a little charm.

As a follow up to this day I will point out that I have used all the items we purchased and they all rock!!! The puppy shampoo and spray came from BubbleUp Girlz and I love that Max smells good when he gets a bath instead of the nasty smell of normal dog shampoos. I used the salsa seasoning in an enchilada casserole. Tyler ate enough to make him beyond uncomfortably full. I take this as a good sign. Two of the scone mixes have been consumed with high hopes for the rest.

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