Friday, July 22, 2011

Lesson 10: The Chiweenie Makes All the Difference

The electronic medical records have now been down for two days. I am going crazy! We are unable to get into patient charts or basically do anything. It is frustrating to no end. I have to coordinate phone calls between the people running the computer program and our IT guy, because I have no access to the main server. My day is spent waiting for phone calls, submitting support tickets and giving status reports to my co-worker on how the repairs are coming.
The bright point to my work day yesterday was finding my new favorite website It is about this chiweenie that goes around on adventure bike rides in his owners backpack. AND he wheres doggles! :) I love it! It just makes me happy.

It inspires me to throw Max in a backpack and cart him around everywhere I go. He has been doing so well lately with everything. No wall chews or house potties.

Tyler spent most of his night last night helping a friend with math homework. They were up until 2AM.... no thank you!

PS The program is back up.... fingers crossed it stays that way! Now to make up all the work I was unable to do up until now...

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