Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lesson 5: It's not my party but I will still cry if I want to.

I love being married to the most wonderful man on the planet, really I do, and that is why I was not going to mess up Tyler's birthday cake... again.

I may have failed in the birthday cake department on his actual birthday day. I knew he likes ice cream cake so I stopped by Baskin Robbins and picked up what I thought was a chocolate, fudge, caramel cake... at least that is what the lady in the store told me. Unfortunately one bite into the cake and Tyler let me know that I had actually bought a coffee flavored cake. He politely gagged down his piece and later told me he did not want anymore of the belch cake also stating,"For future reference, I like Dairy Queen cakes."

Fast forward to the end of the month. Tyler still had not used his Red Robin free birthday burger card. We decided to have a little date night for one last birthday fling before saying goodbye to June. I even devised an entire plan where I would surprise him with a Dairy Queen cake at the restaurant. It would be great! They would come out singing and clapping their hands. Tyler would be red with embarrassment but a look of shock and surprise would cross his face when there in front of him was the more delicious, awesome, wonderful, stupendous cake a wife could ever buy a husband. (that is how it played out in my head anyhow).

We were to meet at the restaurant since we were coming from opposite directions. I hurried over to the Dairy Queen and asked if they could write "Happy Birthday Tyler" on the cake. Sure, no problem, it will be just a minute, they replied and into the back the cake went. Time passed, and then some more time. What is taking so long? I began to get a little nervous. Tyler can't get to the restaurant before me. This has to work. Finally the cake came back. Ok... I thought to myself, they totally spelled "birthday" wrong and then tried to fix it. The smeared blue icing said it all. Oh well, no time, I was off to Red Robin.

I beat Tyler there and explained the situation to the hostess who took the cake to the freezer. Tyler arrived a few minutes later and we were seated. Oh yeah, I'm good. We had our meals, I told the waiter it was Tyler's birthday, we talked about work, health insurance, what our plans are for the 4Th of July. We finished eating full and content. I squirmed in my seat. I hoped the hostess had told our waiter of my genius plan. As the waiter came to drop off our bill he asked if we would want anything for dessert other than the birthday sundae (maybe he is trying to throw Tyler off). My heart sunk as Tyler stated he not only did not want anyone to sing to him but he also did not want a sundae. I kept holding on hope that soon, very soon the waiter would come marching out, cake in hand, with a line of fellow employees bursting into song. The waiter brought back the change, told us to have a great evening and walked away. He didn't know.

A wave of panic overcame me. What do I do? I can't tell Tyler. What do I do? It's ruined. And then... I started to cry. "What is the matter? What happened?" Tyler asked. I am sure he was completely thrown off by my sudden outburst. I could not even talk. I did not want to tell Tyler because I was so upset that my perfect plan had failed. Finally, I was able to sputter out that there was a cake in the back waiting for him and they forgot.

Against my protests, Tyler called over the waiter as I sat there with tear filled eyes. "Is there a cake in the back for me?"

"Oh would you like cake for dessert?"

"No," I chimed in, trying to hide my now red face, "I brought a cake for him that was supposed to be brought out."

I feel kind of bad for the waiter. He repeated I'm so sorry about 15 times before running back to quickly grab the cake, some people to sing, and I am sure have a few choice words with the hostess.

The cake came out, they sang a song and we dug into the cake with just our forks and a new-found hunger only ice cream cake can bring out. Later the manager came by and apologetically offered us a coupon for a free appetizer. I can just imagine the workers in back talking about how they made a girl cry.

So, at the end of the day Tyler was surprised, I now have a funny story to tell, and the cake was delicious... and isn't that what really matters?

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  1. Aww!! Sadness!! I would have cried too! But I'm glad it all turned out in the end :)