Thursday, May 21, 2015

It has been so hot here lately. Ted follows in the dogs' footsteps and finds a sunny spot to relax in. I think all three of them are crazy because that must be the hottest place in the house.

I love the sun but it decided to come right when we had new sod put into our front yard. This means watering the grass twice a day so it doesn't die. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I don't garden. I can't keep things alive.... in fact I recently spread ground clear on our back lawn thinking it was fertilizer. (Luckily this was the old weed eaten grass and not our nice new pretty grass). Not only did I do this but I didn't cover the entire yard so now the backyard has a beautiful striped pattern to it. Can't wait to put our house on the market for all to see...

Ted and I have fun making how-to videos on YouTube. It has been such a blast!

It really gives Ted and me incentive to try new things and we always end up laughing. My goal with my videos is to showcase how beneficial it is to find ways to get your kids involved in any activity. Even if it seems like it may be over their heads. Plus I give Ted ownership of his projects. These are his how-to projects and I am just filming. I love it :)

Here is a link to my YouTube page:

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