Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the main level is licensed

I have been having my fair share of trials in patience that is for sure. The licensor emailed me on Thursday and said she would come by on Friday. Friday came and went and there was no licensor. I got an email from her late last night stating she had been out sick and would come Tuesday. Anyway we passed and I am super stoked!

Some more updates: we sold our van so now we are a one car family. We did this to work on getting out of debt and cutting back on our financial stressors. It sold within a week. I do miss the van but I do not miss the payment! I also don't mind the excuse that I can't do something because I don't have a car.... bwa ha ha

My birthday is coming up which I am excited about. I notoriously get super bratty on my birthday so I am trying to avoid that this year...

Not much new with Ted. He is still a ham. He seems to be enjoying having kids come play with him more than he used to. Today was a super rough nap day. The kids ended up not getting to sleep until 2 hrs past nap time. I consider myself a nap superwoman because I have been able to get three kids under 18 months old to take a nap together in the same room. The experience gives me greater appreciation for people who have triplets.

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