Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the evolution of daycare... and happy national pug day!

I just found out that today is National Pug Day. Isn't that cool? I did not even know there was a pug day. How have I lived this long without knowing that? To celebrate I took a picture of Ruby and put it on Facebook. Perhaps later I will give her a biscuit.

 Today was my first day doing daycare on the main level of my house. It was fantastic! I am still using the original daycare space but I use the main level for meals and snacks. It has completely changed the feel of daycare.It feels more like a relaxing day at home with children then a day locked in the basement. Okay so it did not completely feel like being locked in a basement but the room does get small when you have been there all day. I feel like my perspective on day care has changed so much since I originally was given the idea to start it. Anyway I am happy with my decision to stay home with Ted and watch children.

 Today we went to Costco for the second time in a week. Mainly because I forgot to get baby wipes the last time we went. They have adorable baby costumes for Halloween unfortunately Ted's head is too big for the hats thst go with the costumes. My sister down in Utah is going to mail up an old cow costume from my niece. The costume is old not the cow :-)

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