Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ted has always enjoyed playing our piano but lately he has taken a possessive liking to it. I am no longer allowed to play the piano. If I sit down and start playing he will immediately rush over and yell at me. I will pick him up and sit him next to me on the piano bench. If I then continue my playing he will crawl over to sit on my lap and pull my hands away from the keys so only he can play. It is adorable... until I actually want to play the piano, then it is kind of annoying :) 

I hope he keeps his love of the piano into later years and gets really great at it. I did not start playing the piano until I was in my 20s. 

I always think it would be cute to create a post dedicated to all the places Ruby uses as a bed. These places include her dog bed, any blanket on the floor, shelves, Ted's old baby chair, stuffed animals, clothing, and most recently Ted's kiddie chair. 

Ted has this adorable woolly bully coat my grandma go him. The arms are too long so when he walks he looks like a baby penguin :)  
My mom thinks the coat is too much so she bought Ted a more respectable rain coat and matching vest with a hat. It is very handsome :) And they are came in handy when we got caught in the pouring rain on our walk. Ted did not get wet because he had the stroller cover. I was soaked.  
Recently I made my first sensory bin for Ted. I have wanted to do this for a while but did not know where to get started. The bin is not super full because I grabbed lots of things from around the house. Ted loves it. Next time I will put more effort into making it have a fun theme.  

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