Friday, June 13, 2014

Ted came to his first Pug Gala this year woo hoo :) I entered him and Ruby into the costume competition. They went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox and got second place! 

Ted also got to be on a website collage for child car seat safety. Can you find him?  

I tried getting a cute picture of Ted and I have decided you need two people to catch Ted in a cute pose. I will get him all ready to go and by the time I put my camera up he is already walking away. 
He kept making this face which is super cute but not a very good smile face hahaha  
I decided this was the best shot 
Yesterday we went to our friend's house for a play date. We walked and Ted fell asleep right as we got to the house. I woke him up and he had a lot of fun. It was actually nice because afterwards he stayed awake the entire walk home so when we got home he took a very long nap.  

For Ted's birthday, Aunt Miranda sewed  him this really cute bear. He loves to wrestle it. 

After he was done wrestling he fell asleep on the floor, which is a first. 

Last weekend Tyler was feeling super sick. He came inside and just flopped onto the floor. Ted did his best to snuggle with daddy. He also crawled over and patty daddy on the head and climbed onto his back. 

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