Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lesson 220: Nothing is safe

Ted learned how to crawl! Nothing is safe. It is like he has all of the sudden realized there are things around him. I used to be able to sit him down with his toys and he had a great time. Now the toys are not enough. He must go for the dog's water dish, the big Xbox power button, any and all cords, the dogs' bones, or the dogs themselves. :) 

Here is a picture of Ted in one of his jumping toys. Great-grandma bought this for him when we visited at Thanksgiving. It stays at my mom's house full time. Three of the toys on this thing sing obnoxious songs... that is a big NO NO in my house! 

Cousin Cooper mailed Ted a box of clothes and toys. Here is Ted next to one of the trucks Coop sent.  
Mom and baby selfie. 
Why girl clothes are so stinking CUTE! I saw this outfit at Target and almost bought it. :( I figured if I did buy it I would probably curse myself to never have a girl. So I just took a picture, sent it to Miranda and told her Quinn needs to shrink. :)  
This awesome hat came in the box of clothes from Cooper. :)  
Ruby was not as big of a fan.  
Ted on a lunch break walk I took with me mom.  

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