Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lesson 216: Christmas :)

Ted's first Christmas! It was absolutely exhausting. We had 4 separate Christmas celebrations!!! Oh well, 

I bought Ted his first Christmas ornament from Hallmark. It says "Somebunny new to love, Baby's first Christmas" on it. I also bought a Star Trek ornament for him. It has Captain Kirk fighting a gorn and makes roaring noises hahaha. 

We didn't get professional pictures of Ted with Santa... I say it was probably due to my lack of caring whether we have a million pictures of Ted with Santa. This is the Santa that came to our church Christmas party. 

CHRISTMAS #1: 12/23/13 at our home with Grandma and Grandpa Mann and Aunt Elspeth

Aunt Elspeth bought Ted a cozy coupe :) As you can see in this picture, he is already driving like a pro, one hand on the wheel and resting his arm on the side. We have the perfect house for a little car because we have a huge open room with wood flooring. 

Ruby took a spin in the car too. Our dogs are very patient with us hahaha. 
Here we all are.  

CHRISTMAS #2: 12/23/13 (later that evening) At our home with just the Opfars

We were going to wait until Christmas to open gifts but decided to just open them after my family left. I am glad we did because Christmas morning we had to hit the road. This made it a lot more relaxing. 

CHRISTMAS #3: 12/24/13 At grandma and grandpa Opfar's house with all the aunts and uncles. 

There was a HUGE contrast between the mellow quiet Christmas with my parents and the loud crazy Christmas with Tyler's parents. **phew** 

Here is Ted and cousin Nathan in their matching pajamas. Right after this I tried to get a picture with Ted and all the cousins. He melted down hahaha. Poor Ted. 

Ted at the end of the night. I'm right there with ya Teddy. 

CHRISTMAS #4: 12/25/13 Great-grandma Mann 

As I mentioned before, we drove to my grandma's house on Christmas day. In the last post I mentioned how Spokane's dryness is murder on Ted's skin. Well the moisture of the coast was a miracle for Ted. His skin was as soft as a baby's bum... which is SHOULD be all this time sheesh. 
Great-grandma bought Ted a cute little Santa Teddy :)  
The day after Christmas was beautiful. We all went for a walk along the coast. I have never seen a day at the ocean where there so no wind whatsoever. Plus, since it is the off season, there were no people around. 

This is a fake tree which is supposed to mark the furthest point Lewis and Clark came west. 
Puppies in the sand.  

Since there was no one around, Max got to walk off leash for a long stretch. He has his leash on in this picture but later I took it off and he was so well behaved. He stayed on the path, came when he was called and was so dang happy to be able to just run free. It was awesome. We don't trust Ruby with freedom. She would probably leave and never come back.  
We also took Ted for his first trip to the local bakery that we go to EVERY time we visit the coast. 
Tyler is drinking a soda....  

That night we went to The Lost Roo restaurant. I wanted to get a picture of Ted and great-grandma with the teddy she gave him :) 

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