Friday, October 25, 2013

Lesson 209: Odd things happen in the corn maze

I had a birthday (shout hooray). My mom picked out this awesome carrier. I love the stars. Ted seems okay with it too. :)
Miranda's family is visiting and we went to the corn maze. It was late evening, there was a foggy haze covering the field, and we got a little weird. You have been warned....  

The maze has trivia that is supposed to help guide you through... it was pointless.

There are also a lot of paintings in the maze.

As you will see there are a lot of random pictures. We were laughing so hard.

Can you see the creepy photo bomb?

Trying to make sense of the corn maze navigation clues with grandpa Corey.


We were in the maze for about an hour... we were all tired. Unfortunately Quinn is the only one small enough to hop on someone's shoulders.

Yeah, that is my husband, back off ladies! :)

We were all pretty tired by the end.

Coop was leaving markers along the trail so we could see where we had been. He is holding one of his markers in this pic, and apparently threatening me with it.

We could not even see the farm from the bridge in the middle of the maze because the fog was so thick.

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