Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lesson 207: another year, another trip to the pumpkin patch

 Let's start this post off with a picture of diapers. :) We had finally had a sunny weekend so I tried to hang dry my cloth diapers. Supposedly the sun bleaches out any stains. I don't know.... maybe it made a difference. I liked how it looked.   
We had the annual Opfar trip to the pumpkin patch.  
 As adults there is not much to do. Tyler and his brothers played the bean bag toss while I watched for the first half. 
 We watched the pig races and I had my picture taken next to some goats who were sticking their heads out of the fence. 

 Ted road in the sling my sister made. It has come in handy :) 
 Then we ate lunch. 

 And that is what you do at a pumpkin patch. We didn't go through the corn maze because it was a mud pit from all the rain the week before. 

Here is Ted in his pack 'n' play. 
 Ted and I made Tyler take a break from homework. I set Ted on Ty's head and he was just so happy hahaha

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  1. I'm a little skeptical about the diapers in the sun too. I use to do it as much as possible, but then I got lazy and used the dryer all the time. And I don't really see much of a difference.