Monday, October 14, 2013

Lesson 206: While the cats away, the family will send random pics throughout the day

My mom is good about sending me pics of Ted while I am at work which makes me smile. Here is Ted in his swing. It is an old used swing my dad bought from a garage sale. It does not work very well so you kind of have to push it but he loves it. 
This picture came to me upside down. The caption was something about Ted making himself a hat. 
Such a fancy baby.
Tyler sent me this pic when I was working late. He asked if I see Ruby anywhere.  
This picture was sent by me to my mom when she asked if Ted was feeling any better. He had been having a crabby day. I think this picture answer that question.  
I took this pic of my two boys watching TV. Ted has no clothes because Tyler had a fire going in our wood burning stove all day and it was STINKING HOT in our house. 
This picture is to show how Ted finally appreciates this frog that has been hanging on his car seat since before he was born.  

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