Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lesson 194: Caspar Babypants and an Ice Cream Festival

The big concert weekend! I have been wanting to see Caspar Babypants all summer and we were finally able to go to one of his shows :) He is a children's singer and Ted and I listen to his music everyday. We went up to the Snoqualmie Ice Cream Festival with my mom, Elspeth and Tyler.
My mom and Ted waiting for the concert to start.
Tyler and Ted. The girl behind them was the opening act while people gathered to their seats. (AKA spot sitting on the ground)  
Caspar Babypants himself. You may recognize him as the former lead singer for The Presidents of the United States. He was pretty awesome than and he is pretty awesome now!
Ted and I enjoying the concert.... I think he liked it more than this picture shows...  
Elspeth and Ted listening to the concert. We starting sitting on the ground but decided to stand off to the side after a while.  
Ted was super tired after the concert was over. This was probably because we danced the entire time... Yes, I use my baby to not look like a creepy adult who listens to children's music.  
The festival also had animals to pet. These alpacas are so soft and fluffy.  
On the car ride home Ted woke up and was making funny faces with daddy.  

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