Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lesson 193: The fac that my camera takes better pics than my phone does not compensate for my ineptitude...

Here are some random pictures from my camera. I mentioned in a past post that the reason the pics did not look so great was because they were taken with my phone.... well these are from my camera and I think they are probably only slightly better... oh well :)
Ted as a dog :)
Ruby also as a dog 
Ted in his outfit for a wedding we went to... the hat did not last.  
Ty and Ted :)  
Ty, Ted and Me  
Sock hands  
Day one with cloth diapers... he was crying for an unrelated reason.... 
Tuxedo Jo and Ruby 
Tuxedo Jo and Lion  
Watching daddy play video games... this was only for the picture... I do not actually let my 2 month old sit around watching video games...  
Of course he had to wear head phones too :)  
Tummy time on his blankie from great-grandma 
Ruby totally photo bombed this picture hahaha 

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