Monday, October 29, 2012


To trully appreciate this post you will need to first refer to my post from last year's birthday... Lesson 48 (reference the story of my trip to Baskin Robbins)

My birthday was last week. I got my free scoop coupon for Baskin Robbins in my email. Today is the day it expires and my only chance I have had to redeem my coupon. Probably foolishly, I went back to the Enumclaw Baskin Robbins. Guess what, the exact same guy from last year was working! hooray.... I pulled out my coupon and asked for my free birthday scoop. He informed me that I had the incorrect coupon. He pulled out a print out of an email and said this is what I need to bring in.

I said no, the email has a button that says "print coupon" I clicked it and this is what prints out. He then accused me of copying the coupon which they can't accept. I said NO, I used a black and white printer, HENCE the black and white.

He kept reiterating that my coupon was not valid. I pointed out that my coupon has a bar code on it and the email he is showing me does not, how then is mine not valid? I also pointed out that mine has today's date on it. He said they don't scan bar codes and it is not his policy but the companies.... I told him this coupon worked just fine last year in Buckley, to which he replied that Buckley does not have a store... oh my bad, BONNEY LAKE.... my gosh... 

Bottom line, I did not get my scoop. AGAIN! All I wanted to do was call Jenae who would think this is the greatest sequel to last year's load of crap. I couldn't get a hold of her so instead I called Tyler and while cry-laughing hysterically I tried to tell him what happened. 

I sent an email to the Baskin Robbins company and I just learned that Tyler called the guy to talk to the manager. The man would not tell Tyler when the manager would be in and when Tyler asked him why he did not give his wife her free scoop he hung up on him hahahaha. 


P.S. Do you remember my great story about trying to surprise Tyler with an ice cream cake and Red Robin?  LESSON 5 well it was not the same man but it was the same lame BR that told me I was buying a choc/caramel cake when it was actually coffee. Curses... why don't I learn my lesson?


  1. I have a plan:

    1) Sign up Tyler for the free BR scoop, and everyone you know.

    2) When said birthdays arrive, print off the coupon, and MAKE SURE to visit the Enumclaw Baskin Robbins.

    3) Also make sure you have a hidden camera.

    4) Montage these together and post them on youtube with the title 58 excuses to avoid giving me my birthday scoop of ice cream.

    5) Spread the joy. And wait until Baskin Robbins contacts you with apologies and more free coupons the Enumclaw location will reject.

  2. Did he remember you? That's ridiculous. And what is more ridiculous is that when BR sends you free coupons to make up for it the Enumclaw BR will reject them (see #5 above.)