Monday, October 29, 2012

Lesson 139: The Halloween Post

Happy Halloween :)
Tyler and I were not planning on doing any dressing up... this was mostly the result of not having an plans for the holiday. Then we were both assigned to help set up booths for the church Halloween carnival. When we told people we had no plans to dress up, that was just UNACCEPTABLE! We promised to come in costume and rushed to Party City. If you want to see mayhem, go to a costume shop the Saturday before Halloween.

The end result was bride and groom zombies :)
 Tyler got super into it. He even had the blood capsule that explode in your mouth.... this kind of backfired when the capsule disintegrated in his mouth because he held it there too long hahaha.... but a black and blue mouth is pretty zombie-ish.

I was worried people at church would be upset with our costumes but everyone really liked them :) And this ward had lots of great costumes everyone got really into it. 

This is just Ruby in a super cute sweater.

And here is documentation of where Ruby sleeps at night, as close to on top of Tyler's head as possible. The room is actually dark but the flash from my camera lit of the room. 

 Ruby back in her costume.
 Max in his dinosaur costume :)

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