Friday, February 17, 2012

Lesson 74: How to tell who reads my blog...

Tyler and I bought a house! We are moving in a month. We haven't told anyone outside out families just yet but I am experimenting to see who actually takes the time to read my super awesome fun blog ;)

Also I'm pregnant.... (just kidding)... but we really are moving. Adios Enumclaw! Helloooooo Tennessee....

P.S. Whitney Houston died this past week. I was named after her thanks to my mom. If my dad had had his way I would be Winnifred Mann.... Thank you mom!!!!! My dad does not like popular names or names that end in "y" because he thinks they sound childish.... My mom won the naming battle with the famous lasts words, "Whitney Houston will never be that popular."


  1. I read your blog! It doesn't always show up as being updated on my blog roll, so sometimes I have to play catch up. But how exciting! Tennessee!

  2. I read your blog too! That's so exciting you are buying a house! You should show pictures!

  3. Whitney! Why you trick me like that?! Well, even if you aren't pregnant you can still name your future baby Winifred and make your dad's dreams come true. Hopefully nobody steals the name from you in the meantime :)