Monday, April 6, 2015

cousin visits and updates

My sister and her kids had a mini visit with us this past weekend which was a lot of fun and went by so fast. As you can see the kids are in love with Tyler. What this picture does not show is how super uncomfortable we were. Ted was mad and had  wet diaper and Tyler was barely keeping the kids up. 

Everyone wanted to hold Ted. Like a good baby he put up with it. 

We had a gender reveal party and in my typical fashion I forgot to take any pictures. Ugh. Well we are having a boy and I am so excited! I was hoping for a boy :) here is a picture of max wrapped up in decorations the next day. All pets are awesome, but I think the dog is the most long suffering when it comes to putting up with people hahaha. 

I recently bought a punch card to the bouncy play place. What an insane workout that is! Luckily Tyler came with me the second time we went. Ted is like pushing dead weight up those inflatable ladders. And I'm not trying to make excuses but being pregnant does not help :) 

We bought Ted a sun hat and I made Tyler try on the adult equivalent. :)

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