Monday, April 21, 2014

Lesson 230: Baby's First Easter

Ted had his first Easter. I had this cute idea in my head for pictures. A lot of times when something is cute in my head it is not so cute in real life... I found bunny ears at Goodwill and I was going to take pictures with Ted and the dogs wearing them. I kept putting off taking the pictures until one morning I just sat everyone down and snapped some shots. This is what came of it.

Max was the worst of the three with not keeping the ears on. Ruby was probably the best hahaha. That may be because her defense mechanism for things she does not like is to freeze and make herself as small as possible.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Ted had a super cute outfit and I did not take a single picture of him. Before church in the morning I must have bumped his face because I looked at him and all of the sudden he had a cut right under his eye. He never even cried. So I did not feel like taking a picture of Ted with him looking like he was in a fight.
I have decided there is an unwritten rule in the kid universe that says when they are going to get their picture taken for a big event they must injure themselves in some way to have it forever capture in a photo.

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